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    Acquire Commercial Mortgage Refinancing Options from Max Capital Financial at The Best Rates

    Get higher capital flexibility with commercial mortgage refinancing from Max Capital Financial. We offer competitive rates that can help you lower your payments from your existing commercial mortgage, extend the term of your existing mortgage, or do an equity take out from your commercial property.

    We offer low commercial mortgage interest rates that can help you get reduced payments from lower rates and longer terms. Whatever your financing needs are, we have lending solutions and options for you. To ensure this, Max Capital has forged strong working relationships with our lender network across Canada.

    Why You Should Work with Max Capital Financial To Acquire Commercial Mortgage Refinancing

    • Lower your interest rate and payments.
    • Adjust the term of your mortgage as per your financing needs.
    • Acquire cash from the equity buildup of your commercial property.
    • Improve cash flow.
    • Consolidate debt.

    Work With a Professional Mortgage Broker from Max Capital Financial

    Get Lower Rates – If you have an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) on a commercial property and the rates drop in the market, refinancing it at a lower rate can help you save money. Our mortgage brokers can research the commercial mortgage market to ensure you are getting the best rates and mortgage options possible.

    Get Longer Terms – Increase the term of your mortgage when you are refinancing your commercial mortgage and reduce your monthly payments.

    Tap into an existing property’s equity – If the value of a commercial property you own is more than the existing mortgage balance, a commercial mortgage refinance can help you tap into your building’s equity.  Acquire a equity loan as working capital for your business, which you can invest into your business, pay out  a shareholder loan, invest the funds into the building, acquire another business or make another business investment.

    Range of loan options – We have built strong business relationships with some of the best commercial mortgage refinancing lenders in Canada.  Max Capital clients have access to numerous loan options that can meet their borrowing and business needs. Our years of experience helping clients in acquiring the best loan terms, allows us to offer our clients the best terms, rates, and fees.

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    There are several commercial mortgage refinancing options that our Max Capital commercial mortgage broker specialists can help you with. Since we have access to a number of loan options and lenders, we can help you acquire a loan that can meet your financing needs.  Max Capital can help you navigate the mortgage process and ensure your application is approved quickly.

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