Private Mortgage Investing

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    Max Capital private mortgage investors can earn from an average of 8% up to 13% return or higher on their private mortgage investments.

    Mortgage and real estate related investments are becoming increasingly popular with investors seeking alternatives to traditional equity and fixed-income products. Max Capital can align your investment objectives with a direct private mortgage investment that provides:

    • Access to commercial and residential mortgage markets not typically available to individuals
    • Greater portfolio diversification with less correlation to stocks, bonds and mutual funds
    • Less volatility than equities and more security than bonds

    With a strong understanding of the private mortgage market, we meet the needs of direct private mortgage investors who are seeking:

    • Higher yields than traditional investment products, such as bonds and GICs
    • Stable, reliable income, paid out monthly
    • Mitigated interest rate risk, through short-term commitments 1-2 year terms

    Max Capital can help you invest in private mortgages that are secured by real estate and generate a good return on your investment.

    Max capital direct private investors finance loans secured by a mortgage on title in the lender’s name on the following:

    • Residential and Commercial 1st and 2nd mortgages
    • Equity loans
    • Residential construction loans
    • Commercial construction loans
    • Improvement loans

    Offering good returns on investments with considerably low risks, investing your money in a private mortgage is a great investment!

    We offer direct private mortgage investments for RRSP, TFSA, and other cash accounts. We’ll provide you with all necessary details and information you require on individual private mortgages to help you make a well-informed investment decision.

    The decision to agree or disagree with a private mortgage investment option will always be up to an individual investor.

    Max Capital can also assist you to learn about the benefits of using RRSPs and TFSAs and other similar registered funds for your private mortgage investments.


    Contact Italo Bruno at 780.306.4242 today to book an appointment to meet with him and discuss the opportunities available.

    Secure Investments

    At Max Capital, individual investors can rest assured that all investments are directly secured by real estate with the title of the property held in the individual lender’s name.

    Since we place a lot of value in the relationships we develop with our investors, we do not operate like other investments or a mortgage investment corporation (MIC).

    Max Capital will present you with private mortgage opportunities we feel would be a good fit for you while you retain control over which deals you choose to make.

    To further the amount of control you have over your investments, your money is never transferred to us or handled by us. All funds are facilitated through a registered trust company or Witten LLP.

    Once all lending conditions and due diligence is completed, the funds will be released to the borrower’s solicitor’s trust account under trust conditions. No funds are released until all the private lender’s trust conditions have been met. The individual private lender investors name is registered on title. Once the file is completed, all legal documents are provided and forwarded to the private mortgage investor to ensure maximum safety of their investments.

    In the event of default, individual mortgage investors have the right to recover all their legal costs from the borrower.

    The rate of return ranges from 8-13% per annum while the mortgage interest payments are paid out on a monthly basis.

    Individual mortgage investors don’t have to worry about any closing or legal costs, as the borrower will pay for them!

    RRSP and TSFA-eligible Private Mortgages

    The private mortgages that we offer for private mortgage investments are all 100% RRSP and TSFA-eligible. With Max Capital, you may use any existing registered funds for your private mortgage investment. Max Capital deals with two registered trust companies that will facilitate the RRSP and TFSA transaction.

    The registered trust company, under your direction, will manage any funds you place in your direct private mortgage investment in a self-directed RRSP or TSFA.

    Maximum Flexibility

    At Max Capital, all private mortgage investors can choose to invest in a mortgage on a case-by-case basis depending on the equity amount, the return rate, and individual risk assessment the private mortgage investor chooses.

    Want to Invest in Private Mortgages with Max Capital?

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