Advisory Service

Advisory Service


Max Capital Business Advisory Group is an industry-focused boutique firm that applies a modern approach to helping businesses restructure or remodel themselves to excel during the most difficult of economic times. We evaluate, analyze, and strategically guide small and medium businesses with the tools required to improve the bottom line.

As a boutique firm, we pride ourselves on being able to pivot and shift to our client’s specific needs and requirements. By joining forces with your team, we can tackle these issues on multiple fronts while improving new and existing operations and adding to your bottom line during this current downturn in the economy.



Managing Partner – Italo Bruno | 780.306.4242

David Moretto

Managing Partner – David Moretto | 604.318.0671


Dean Petruk

Managing Partner – Dean Petruk | 604.760.8552

Italo Bruno – Executive Bio

Mr. Italo Bruno (Bruno), the President and the broker of record for Max Capital Financial is a licensed mortgage agent with the Real Estate Council of Alberta.

Bruno is a member of the Alberta Mortgage Brokers Association (AMBA) and of Mortgage Professionals Canada (MPC). Bruno has extensive knowledge regarding mortgages with a primary focus on commercial financing, private and second mortgage lending for residential and commercial properties and homebuilder and commercial construction mortgages.

Bruno was one of Edmonton’s first special finance lenders stepping into the industry in the late ‘90s. With a long and successful history in the special finance industry, he has helped hundreds of individuals, families and companies meet their financial needs.

In 2021 Italo Bruno was featured in the Top 100 Canadian professional’s magazine and also the Top 100 people in real estate magazine for North America.

Dean Petruk – Executive Bio

Dean Petruk is a resourceful and energetic managing director of Max Capital Advisory Group. He has over 30 years of experience in the structuring and management of mid-market and multi-unit companies at both retail and wholesale levels. He has developed an expertise in supply chain implementation and has recently set up eCommerce for a 64-store retail chain.

With his experience and vision, Dean has guided leadership teams through robust execution of turnarounds by aiding them through re-imaging and restructuring in order to achieve cost savings and operational excellence.

David Moretto – Executive Bio

An accomplished entrepreneur in business planning development, operations, and partnerships, David brings an exceptional financial acumen to each new venture. With over 18 years of acquiring, developing, and building businesses from inception to successfully managed day to day operations, his strength lies in his ability to take companies to profitability, capitalizing on their optimum potential while guiding and implementing effective management strategies to assist his clients and partners. His business development experience, skills, and knowledge helps companies of all sizes structure deals through effective negotiation. In working with all his clients his aim is to maximize their return on investment (ROI) while uncovering future growth opportunities.


We embrace a shared vision for success with common goals to maximize potential that creates value and impact for all stakeholders.  We build trust and credibility for our clients.  With our holistic approach and our exceptional leadership team, we provide best-in-class solutions which include;

Restructuring/Business Advisory
Executive Leadership
Management Services
Succession Planning
Capital Injections
Mergers & Acquisitions


We are a group of Western Canadian successful entrepreneurs who have worked in businesses with a 360-degree view of the internal workings of businesses in senior corporate positions and as founders in small or medium businesses.

Our experience spans broad industry sectors such as:

Retail & Packaged Goods
Goods & Services
Natural Resources & Energy
Real Estate
Financial Services

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Max Capital Financial Business Advisory Group will do everything possible to learn your business challenges side by side with a focus on new and innovative ways to capitalize and grow.

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