Second Mortgages For Residential and Commercial Properties

Want to Use Your Home or Commercial Property’s Equity for a Second Mortgage?

Our home and commercial property equity loans are one of the easiest ways for our customers in Edmonton to get money for both residential and commercial properties from the equity they have built up in their property.

Whether you want to complete a home improvement project, do a commercial tenant improvement, consolidate debts, invest in your business, pay off high-interest debt, or CRA tax arrears, Max Capital will help you get a second mortgage loan through our private lender network on your residential or commercial property.

Why Get a Second Mortgage

  • Flexibility

    If you’re currently enjoying the benefits of a first mortgage, getting a second mortgage may be the ideal option for you to access the equity you have in your property.

Our home equity loans offer the flexibility of running alongside your first mortgage.

  • Fast Approvals

    With the help of a vast private mortgage network, Max Capital will help you get a second mortgage with our highly qualified private mortgage lenders, assisting you in utilizing the equity you have in your property.

Our second mortgage loan process is fast and easy!

  • Receive Funds Quickly

    Our private second mortgage specialists have access to private mortgage lenders and can arrange a second mortgage for you on the equity you have in your commercial or residential property.

For debt consolidations, commercial property improvements, CRA tax arrears, business investments, and many other situations, access your equity now with a Max Capital second mortgage.

  • Boost Your Credit Score

    By helping you get a home equity loan and paying off your debts, it can help you repair and improve your credit rating by consolidating your debts.

  • Affordable Rates

    Based on your specific mortgage financing needs, we will offer you some of the most affordable rates on second mortgages.

  • Pay Off Your High-interest Debts and CRA debts

    With the equity in your residential or commercial property, Max Capital can help you consolidate your high-interest credit card debts or pay off any outstanding CRA debts – saving you money and also the time of not having to deal with the CRA and debt collectors.

Do you need a Private Residential or Commercial Second Mortgage in Edmonton, Calgary, Alberta or British Colombia?

Reasons to Get a Second Mortgage with Max Capital Financial INC

For those considering a second mortgage, Max Capital Financial can get you one with our Lender and private mortgage partners Max Capital Financial offers a range of flexible home loan options and affordable mortgage rates.

Getting a second mortgage from Max Capital Financial will give you the opportunity to finance a major purchase or consolidate your debts. If you are looking to use a second mortgage to reduce your debts or make home improvements, a Max Capital Financial second mortgage broker will help you.

The process is fast and easy and we can get your loan pre-approval from our Max Capital Financial lender and private mortgage partners in less than a day, sometimes in as little as a few hours.

Is a Second Mortgage Right for You?

Taking advantage of Max Capital Financials second mortgage program can benefit you from paying down your high interest credit card debts, CRA tax arrears, doing home improvements and renovations or even taking a nice relaxing holiday. Max Capital Financials mortgage lenders group has a second mortgage plan that will suit your needs.

A Max Capital Financial second mortgage can help you cover your next big purchase

A Max Capital Financial second mortgage broker can help with financing on your major expenses. Using a second mortgage to cover purchases such as home renovations can provide you with lower rates than alternatives like credit cards or personal loans. A fixed second mortgage loan from Max Capital Financial allows you to pay off your expenses in one lump sum, with a locked-in rate that you can count on.

If you are looking to renew, refinance or consolidate debts than a Max Capital Financial mortgage or second mortgage is for you!

Max Capital Financial brokers will work for you to get you the best rates on your mortgage or second mortgage. At Max Capital Financial we will keep the costs of your mortgage down with low closing costs, through our experienced network of lender partners. All Max Capital Financial mortgages, second mortgages or mortgage renewals carry competitive rates.

Is a Max Capital Financial second mortgage your best option?

Max Capital Financial offers home equity lines of credit with competitive rates. Max Capital Financial mortgages and home financing offerings can meet a variety of financial needs, and the rates are locked in. Let Max Capital Financial in Edmonton go to work for you call or online at

Mortgages in Alberta from Max Capital Financial will offer you competitive mortgage rates and flexible options. We are here to help you, contact us today!

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