Commercial Second Mortgage

Get A Commercial Second Mortgage In A Timely Manner Through Max Capital Financial

By taking out a commercial second mortgage on a property you can fund new business financing, developments, and renovations in record time.  However, securing a loan that can meet your needs can be challenging. Through Max Capital Financial, we can help you use your commercial property’s equity as a second mortgage.

We know that securing the best second mortgage on a commercial property comes down to knowledge, market research and insight. Finding reliable lenders can be tricky. Our brokers will take the time to understand the options you are looking for and ensure you have the resources you need to make an informed decision.

Benefits of Working with Max Capital Financial to Get A Commercial Second Mortgage

  • Acquire working capital for your business.

  • Consolidate debt.

  • Expand an existing business.

  • Acquire funds for renovations and refurbishment work to your existing commercial building.

  • Pay off high interest debt.

Top Benefits of Trusting Max Capital Financial for your Commercial Financing Needs

Highly qualified team of brokers – Our brokers have extensive experience in managing and providing commercial loans. Working with some of the best lenders in Canada, you can receive ideal rates on commercial financing.

Prioritising Client Needs – At Max Capital Financial, your financing needs are our priority. Our brokers can tap into your commercial business requirements to determine financing options that can suit you best. This includes introducing custom loan programs that meet your financing requirements.

Fast and Efficient Approvals – A commercial financing application can take weeks to get approved. We have forged strong working relationships with powerful lenders across Canada who can work with your Max Capital Financial broker to streamline the application process and acceptance. We strive to address your financing needs.

As a highly experienced mortgage and financing company, the brokerage team at Max Capital Financial have what it takes to ensure you can meet your financing needs. By securing commercial financing options, you can expand your business sooner rather than later.

Make an Informed Decision For A Commercial Second Mortgage With Max Capital Financial

Acquire funds for your business – By taking out a commercial second mortgage, you can fund new business ventures in a timely manner. The capital you get from the mortgage can be used to develop an existing property, purchase land for your business ventures or invest in your commercial business.

Keep costs down – Keep the value of your existing high credit payments down and defer the cost of a commercial second mortgage with access to a variety of options. This includes interest-only payments, exit fees, pre-paid payments. Our brokers can work with you to ensure you get the best rates for your commercial second mortgage.

Get access to private mortgage partners – Acquiring a commercial second mortgage that can meet your specific commercial property needs can be tricky. Get a suitable second mortgage for your commercial property through one of our lenders and private mortgage partners.

Finance your future – At Max Capital Financial, our aim is to ensure our clients can acquire a commercial second mortgage that can help them improve their companies’ financial position.  Get in touch with us today for more information on how we can help you improve your company’s future.

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We have forged long-lasting business relationships with some of Canada’s top financial mortgage lenders.  As a full-service RECA (Real Estate Council of Alberta), licensed mortgage brokerage, we can help you find a commercial mortgage that can meet your needs. This includes advising you on suitable options that can help you get an appropriate commercial second mortgage.

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